make your everyday life climate neutral with us!


make your everyday life climate neutral with us!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

the Climatree principle
What is the aim of Climatree?

The goal of Climatree is carbon dioxide compensation through the establishment of tree plantations on low-yield European fields. On the basis of the so bound carbon dioxide, compensation certificates are created. These establish a traceable and unalterable link between the offset and the particular tree that binds the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

How is the carbon dioxide compensation calculated?

The amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) compensated for on each offset certificate is determined based on the latest available average values (which are based on relevant literature and Internet sources). The compensation per tree is calculated with reference to the VCS for perennial tree plantations (ARR Methodology) and corresponds to the average compensation of the planted trees per site (see also the following figure).

Where are the trees planted?

The trees are planted on our company-owned plantations. The existing plantations sequester the carbon dioxide of the currently sold certificates. The location of the plantation is linked to a map on the certificate and is indicated as an unchangeable GLN number on the certificate.

How is it guaranteed that the bound carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere for as long as possible?

By calculating the compensation with reference to the VCS, the average compensation performance per tree location in the corresponding period under consideration is used as the compensation performance. This removes the carbon dioxide specified on the respective certificate from the atmosphere for at least the observation period of the planting location (100 years are assumed here).

the certificate
What data does the certificate contain?

Each individual certificate contains a certificate ID and a tree ID, as well as other data such as product and location data. The following figure shows the respective data of the certificate with a short description.


What is the tree ID?

The tree ID is the serial number of the respective electronic tag with which each tree is individually unalterably identified (thus the serial number of the electronic tag corresponds to a unique ID number of the respective tree in the corresponding plantation). In the event of a loss of the electronic tag, the damaged or lost electronic tag is replaced by a new electronic tag. This can be checked and transparently traced using the tree ID noted on the certificate. The tree ID can be checked under “ID query“.

What happens if the respective tree of the corresponding tree ID should not grow?

In the event that the tree of the respective tree ID grows very poorly or not at all and thus does not compensate for carbon dioxide, the corresponding electronic marker is inserted into a tree of the same age on the same plantation. This is documented accordingly and can be transparently traced using the tree ID of the respective tree. The tree ID can be checked under “ID query“.

What happens after the respective growth period of the tree?

After the respective growth period of the tree, the electronic marker of the previous tree (corresponding to the tree location over all growth periods) is inserted into the newly planted tree. This preserves the compensation of the tree location. The planting of a new tree after the respective growing period is taken care of by Polownia Sp. z o.o.. The respective new planting is documented accordingly and can be transparently traced on the basis of the tree ID of the respective tree. The tree ID can be checked under “ID query“.

How can I verify the information of the certificate?

The respective certificates are linked to a specific plantation and a tree planted there by means of the product number, location number and tree ID. The GTIN and GLN numbers are based on codes issued by the respective country-specific GS1 organization and are therefore unique worldwide. Furthermore, they can be checked on the GS1 website. The tree IDs are 14-digit alphanumeric codes, which means that the probability of the same ID being issued twice is 1 to the power of at least 36 to the 14th power.

What data is stored on the blockchain and how does it work?

The digital certificate is stored on the IPFS network. For further security, the information stored in the IPFS network is archived on the blockchain (on the Filecoin blockchain). The blockchain, which works on the so-called digital ledger technology, as well as the IPFS network store the certificate immutably. This means that information recorded on the certificate, such as the serial number of the tree ID and product and location information, cannot be changed after the certificate has been issued without losing the link between the QR code found on the back of the certificate and the actual certificate.

Is the connection between the certificate and the tree anonymous?

The QR codes of the individual certificates refer in each case to the compensation certificate issued once and stored on the blockchain. Only the owner of the respective physical certificate can access the corresponding certificate on the blockchain. Since no personal information is transmitted to Climatree when accessing the IPFS network, the anonymity of the user is preserved. Further information is not and cannot be stored or determined by the certificate per se, so the certificate guarantees the greatest possible anonymity with respect to the tree providing the compensation service specified on the certificate and the user of the certificate. When clicking on the links stored on the certificate, the respective data protection provisions of the target websites of the clicked link apply.

How is the certificate sent and what does it consist of?

The compensation certificate is made from used cardboard, so no additional paper is needed for this. The compensation certificates are shipped from Germany.

our goal
Who is behind Climatree and what are we pursuing with Climatree?

We, that is Martin and Krystian. Last year we started to establish Polish Paulownia plantations. For this purpose we founded Polownia Sp. z o.o.. Based on our already planted trees we offer the possibility to make everyday things, activities and consumption habits climate neutral. 

Why is the sale and invoicing done through a Polish company?

We were able to establish our first plantations on our land in Poland a year ago. Due to the availability of land in Poland, the corresponding company was also founded in Poland (Polownia Sp. z o.o., which is legally equivalent to a German GmbH). As our expansion to Germany will not take place before mid/end of 2022, the sale of further certificates will be carried out by our Polish company. The payment of the individually purchased certificates will be done via PayPal and in Euro. This way we ensure a simple purchase process for our customer while providing the highest possible security, traceability and transparency.

I have further questions, who can I contact?

Further information about plantations can be found on the subpage “the Climatree principle“. Further compensation possibilities in the form of certificates can be found on the subpage on “further compensation possibilities“. For direct contact with us via e-mail or contact form, please click here.