make your everyday life climate neutral with us!


make your everyday life climate neutral with us!

At Climatree you get your own CO2 offset certificate!

so you have a proof that you actively compensate CO2!

Scan your certificate with your smartphone and access the digital certificate with more information.

your certificate is stored securely and immutably on the blockchain (the CO2 generated during blockchain storage of the data is already taken into account in the calculation of the offset)!

We compensate your CO2 by growing Paulownia trees on our European plantations!

each of the seedlings actively binds your CO2 and stores it for decades in its wood!

You can track exactly which tree on which plantation is currently offsetting your CO2, as the offset performance of the certificate can be tracked down through electronically marked trees!

the digital certificate refers directly to the respective tree in our European plantations!

Do you have any further questions about the Climatree principle?

NOTE: With Climatree you have the possibility to compensate your personal CO2 emissions by planting trees. The CO2 emissions of the respective activities or consumption habits are determined on the basis of average values (based on the latest available literature). As proof of the compensation, you will receive a physical certificate from us that shows you the location of the corresponding tree and the amount of CO2 compensated. The offset certificate does not grant you the right to a tree, nor does it give you the ownership of the products made from it. For more information, please see our FAQs or contact us. If you are interested in a long-term investment in fast-growing European tree plantations, please contact us (Contact).